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A reliable way to buy products up front and then pay over 6 or 12 months directly from your paycheck.

Here's what you need to know

Purchasing Power gives you immediate access to more than 40,000 name-brand products you want to own now and lets you pay for them easily over time, straight from your paycheck – without the need to use cash, savings, credit cards, or loans.


While not a discount savings program, Purchasing Power lets you tap your paycheck directly to pay for purchases over time. Times to take advantage of it may include: 


  • You want to pay over 6 or 12 months for an item you need immediately
  • You want the convenience of paying automatically via payroll deduction – with no credit check 
  • You don’t want to tie up available cash or credit lines 
  • You want an alternative to high-interest loans and credit cards


Purchasing Power is an exclusive benefit program to help when using cash or credit just isn’t ideal. You have a flexible, more manageable way to buy the things you need through the convenience of paying over time – right from your paycheck. No hidden fees or down payments.


To participate, you must have been an active co-worker for 6 months and have an annual compensation of at least $16,000.

There are times when you truly want or need to buy something right away. However, your wallet may not feel like now is the right time.


For instance, if your refrigerator suddenly fails and you need a replacement ASAP, Purchasing Power allows you to buy your appliance now without relying on credit cards or pulling money from savings. 


Other times to use the program: 


  • You’re purchasing a smart phone or other big-ticket item as a gift for a family member
  • It’s time to furnish your home with a dining room table you’ve been putting off
  • You’re moving into a new condo and want to upgrade to a new washer and dryer
  • You’ve decided to turn a spare bedroom into a workout space and need some exercise equipment


There are thousands of goods and services available, and they’re updated daily – so you can always shop for what you need now.     

You can sign up to participate in this program at any time once you’ve been an active co-worker for at least 6 months and if you have an annual compensation of at least $16,000. You’re automatically qualified and there is no credit check to register or make purchases. 

How It Works

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Pay over time directly from your paycheck

The laptop you've had for many years finally stops working.

Purchasing Power can help you get the job done.

You go online to your Purchasing Power site and buy a new computer, bundling it with a case, power cord and other accessories. Your purchase ships right away, and you pay for it in fixed amounts straight from your paycheck over the next 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Who is the provider?

    Purchasing Power


    Founded over 20 years ago in 2001, Purchasing Power was originally in the business of selling computers through payroll deduction. Customers fell in love with the easy and budget-friendly way to make payments right from their paycheck, and the program evolved to offer a responsible way to purchase electronics, furniture, appliances, home décor and more.


    At Purchasing Power, you are not a credit score or an account number. You can be you and own your life with a better way to buy.

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  • Who in my family is eligible for this program?

    While the program is only available for you to sign up through your employer, you can purchase on behalf of family members and pay through your paycheck (spending limits apply). 
  • How much?
  • How much does it cost to join?

    To use this program, you simply register by signing up online for free. Then view the catalog online to find what you want.
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  • What if my employment status changes?

    Good news! If you leave or retire from your current employer, you can continue to make existing payments via a bank account/credit card over the remainder of the repayment period. Contact Purchasing Power's customer care team to learn more about your options.
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  • How is this different from a Buy Now, Pay Later service?

    Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services might appear helpful, but they can leave you out of options.

    • If you fall behind on BNLP payments, you could see a decrease in your credit score.
      • Purchasing Power will never harm your credit.
    • The fees associated with late payments can quickly add up.
      • Purchasing Power does not charge late fees.
    • Most BNPL services allow you to have multiple plans open at once, which can easily overextend your budget.
      • Your personalized spending limit with Purchasing Power protects you from overspending.
    • These services also include shorter payment terms, meaning you’re paying more per payment, which can stress your finances.
      • With Purchasing Power, you’ll never have to worry about short payback periods since you have up to 12 months to pay.
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  • How long do the payments come out of my paycheck?

    That depends on the option you select – either 6 months or 12 months. A longer payment time results in a lower payment amount deducted from each paycheck. A shorter payment time means you have a higher payment amount deducted from each paycheck and pay off your purchase sooner. You will see your “total price per pay period” options when you check out. 
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  • Are the prices for the products offered on the website competitive?

    This is not a discount program and the product price all by itself may be higher than you could find elsewhere, especially if you’re able to pay cash. The advantage here is that the price you see is the total cost each pay period. There are no hidden fees, so you can be confident that your per-paycheck price includes: 


    • Product
    • Warranty (if applicable)
    • Taxes
    • Shipping charges


    When you purchase through credit cards or financing, for example, your purchase price likely doesn’t include shipping, warranties, and the finance charges you pay over time – and all of these are ultimately part of your “total” cost.

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  • The program has "spending limits" - what are those?

    A spending limit is the total amount you have available to spend with Purchasing Power. These spending limits are in place for your benefit, to ensure that you don’t overextend your paycheck.
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  • When will the first payment come out of my paycheck?

    After your order ships, the first payment will be deducted from your next pay period's paycheck.
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  • How long does it take to process my order?

    When you order, Purchasing Power automatically verifies your eligibility to make a purchase and your purchase limit. If you meet the eligibility requirements, your order will be processed and shipped.


    If you give an email address, you'll get an order confirmation with your order details. When your order is shipped, you'll get an email with order tracking information.

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